Wales Bed and Breakfasts

One of the six Celtic Nations, Wales is one of the United Kingdom's four countries and widely known for its historical richness and unrivalled natural beauty.

From the distinctive dragon flag to the many music festivals which are part of this remarkable country's rich legacy, a sense of tradition and cultural identity infuse many aspects of life in Wales.

The Eisteddfod is one of the country's most celebrated events, as well as being one of the world’s most revered festivals. It entices thousands of visitors every year, especially those hoping to experience Welsh music and culture at its best. Music has always been a part of Welsh life, from the early folk music of the Celts to the male voice choirs which are lauded internationally, right up to the many stars of contemporary music who continue to make their mark.

From the music and art, to the numerous ruins and castles, to the unmatched beauty of the coast and mountains, a trip to this wonderful place yields a timelessness and sense of spiritual upliftment. Wales B&Bs take their rightful place amongst some of the UK's finest accommodation. Most establishments are endowed with a measure of country charm and are located in areas known for their generous helping of natural beauty.

From the modern, conveniently located close to the major cities of Swansea and Cardiff, to those secreted in the lush, green countryside, Wales Bed and Breakfasts are known for their hospitality and warmth. Of course, the country offers a great deal more than mountain views and the gently rolling landscape.

The coast borders North, South and West and is home to wonderful marine life, including the famous bottle-nosed dolphins and leatherback turtles. Many Wales Bed and Breakfasts along the coast are welcoming to those hoping to enjoy water sports and a bit of seaside leisure.

Wherever you stay, few joys can compare to waking up in the Welsh countryside and having a traditional meal waiting to inspire you for a day's adventure.